Purchase of ready-made companies

The ready-company in Lithuania represents the organization which was successfully registered and entered in the register of the Lithuanian Tax Service. All data on such company is presented in the official site of the Register of Legal Entities of Lithuania. The most common form of business in the country is owned UAB — Private limited company. This form of business requires minimal investment and time-consuming. Prior to the sale of all the companies thoroughly checked for the absence of debt, the customer is guaranteed the full legal firm purity. Buyers have the option to select a new company or business with a certain history and reputation.

Typically, the entire process of purchase takes no more than 3 working days, so the client does not have to spend extra time and money on hotel accommodation. Client have to provide a copy of the passport and information about the place of permanent residence. If you for some reason can not come to the country at a particular time, it is possible registration without personal presence.

Documents preparation begins after the receipt of the pre-payment in the amount of 50% of the cost of services (we receive money within 3 days).

When buying a company, you will receive a complete package of documents:

  • constituent act;
  • articles of association of the company;
  • company’s seal;
  • registered address for a year;
  • extract from the register;

* We provide comprehensive assistance in opening a bank account.

Business acquisition in Lithuania can be called the best option for entrepreneurs. There is an active integration into the world economy ant the moment and the living standarts rise, so the opening of the company has really good prospects here. In addition, the tax rate is quite low. An important advantage is the fact that the language barrier does not become an obstacle in your work, because mostly lithuanians know more than 2 foreign languages.

Lithuania has a completely open borders with all EU countries, so you delivered goods will be exempted from customs duties. In addition, the country has concluded agreements with many countries, thanks to which it is possible to avoid double taxation, and its convenient geographical position will allow you to easily reach any point in Europe.

Lithuanian company will allow you to enter a new stage of development, to organize successfully operating business, as well as obtain a residence permit and possibly citizenship in a sustainable and environmentally friendly countries in Europe.


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