Advantages of business in Lithuania

In the last decade business immigration to Lithuania has spread. Lithuania presents a number of opportunities for business including export abroad.

Promising sectors include information technology, client support centers and renewable energy.  Other potential sectors include transportation and logistics which focused on Lithuania’s ideal geography to become a regional hub serving the 500 million strong markets of Scandinavia, European Union and the former CIS countries to the east. Moreover, the sector of laser technology in Lithuania has become famous abroad and every 10th sold laser in the world is produced in this country.

In 2015, Vilnius was elected as the best destination for establishing shared service centres and outsourcing across the CEE region. The choice was made because of the highly well-educated professionals who are able to speak several foreign languages, infrastructure and good city location.

International companies like NASDAQ, AIG, Uber, Lindorff, KPMG, COWI, Devold, Barclays, Ernst & Young, Mars Inc., Adform have already opened their offices in Lithuania.

Experts in the field of business immigration exclude some advantages of business in Lithuania:

  • The small Baltic state has built a stable market economy, which gets a chance to develop any competitive ability of firms, startups and projects.
  • The country has deliberately created a favorable investment climate. Anyone who decides to open business in Lithuania can easily open the company, bank accounts or submit documents for a residence permit.
  • In recent years Lithuania affects Europe of growth of cash infusions, as well as the number of open e-commerce projects, so find here the customer or investor will be much easier than anywhere else.
  • With Lithuanian company or a branch, you can use all the advantages of doing business on a European level.

The task of man, conceived to business immigration to Lithuania — to increase personal finance, as well as provide a high European standard of living for themselves and their family members.

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