Opening of bank accounts

When opening an account in banks in the territory of Europe, there can be certain difficulties – financial institutions care for own image and impose own requirements to the clients. Our company operates in the European market for a long time and offers customers an integrated approach to the solution of the arising problems – from consultations on the choice of bank to preparation and submission to the bank of necessary documents for opening of accounts.

Services on opening of bank account:

  • Preparation and submission to the bank of statutory and registration documents;
  • Preparation and submission of documents of the head (manager of the account) of the companies;
  • Preparation and submission of company’s data (characteristic and data of the beneficiary, sources of funds, purpose of the account, list of bank operations, expected turnover and other information).

To open an account You only need a passport and personal presence, or the presence of an appropriate power of attorney. Bank account is opened within 1-5 days depending on the bank.


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