Options for obtaining permanent residence in Europe

Permanent residence permit (PRP) allows to live and work freely in the country, without renewing regularly the residence permit. Before obtaining the status of permanent residence, you have to have TRP in Europe for at least 5 years, which needs to be renewed annually — you have to submit to the authorities necessary documents in time.

The mandatory conditions for obtaining permanent residence are exams which reflect your knowledge of the basics of the Lithuanian Constitution and the ability to communicate in Lithuanian.

For obtain of PRP, it is necessary to provide a full package of documents:

  • application for permanent residence according to the established form;
  • valid travel document;
  • documents certifying your right to obtain permanent residence, including health insurance, proof of existence of the place for accommodation (not less than 7 m² for 1 person) and other;
  • proofs of existence of funds for residence in the territory of Lithuania;
  • certificates on passing a state exam in Lithuanian language and Constitution.

You will receive the result of examination of documents in the next 2 — 4 months. Permanent residence permit is issued in the form of a plastic card. The status of permanent resident of Lithuania is valid for 5 years, after that it is possible to collect a package of documents for obtaining formal citizenship.

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