Options for obtaining temporary residence in Europe

The temporary residence permit (TRP) in the EU today are willing to get a huge number of foreign citizens, Europe is no exception. A stable economic environment makes it possible to obtain a TRP as comfortable as possible and without major financial outlay. Terms of obtaining of the TRP is 2-4 months. You have the right to be in the Europe during the entire period of examination of your documents. The Migration Department issues a visa for the period of examination of the documents. It can be used in countries belonging to the Schengen area. You can personally submit the documents to the Migration Department of Lithuania or you can submit the documents in the nearest Embassy of Lithuania in your country.

Among the many options of obtaining the residence permit in Europe, the most common grounds are:

  • Business immigration;
  • Study;
  • Marriage.

For the submission of documents we need a copy of foreign passport, a police clearance certificate issued not later than 3 months and a reference from the bank in the amount of not less than 6000 euros. The first residence permit card is issued depending on the ground for 1 or 2 years. Further it is prolonged for 2 years.

TRP gives you lots of benefits: your stay in Europe is unlimited, you have a free health insurance for the entire preiod, you can easily get visas to UK and the USA, etc.

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