Company’s audit

Audit is thorough or partial inspection of accounting documents and financial statements of the enterprise. The audit inspection is necessary to define profit indicators; sizes of dividends, payables and receivables and other data. Usually the audit is carried out at acquisition of the Lithuanian company or its sale. In certain cases independent check of activity of the enterprise can be required.

To get started the audit, we need:

  • Application. It should state for which what purposes the audit inspection is required.
  • Studying of information by our experts who will let you know what documentation will be necessary further.
  • Contract on carrying out the audit inspection. It shall state all conditions, price of services, terms of the beginning and completion of the check etc.
  • After delivery of corresponding conclusions, our company is ready to offer you maintenance of accounting records on conditions which favourable to both parties.

*Our company carries out the audit inspection only in Lithuanian companies.

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